Bumblebee Costume

bumblebee costumeBattle the Decepticons as Bumblebee this Halloween.

Bumblebee is a reliable autobot inspired by the hit movie Transformer-Revenge of the Fallen. So, transform into this wise-cracking reliable autobot.

Now, Autobots Transform!!!

You can join the Team of Autobot with this very cool Bumblebee costume. In the movie, Bumblebee can transform from a speedy Camaro to an Autobot who helps protect humans and his other Autobots. This costume includes a jumpsuit with very cool graphics, has a chest piece and toy arm weapon that boys will love to play with.

Bumblebee is one of the most popular characters among the Transformers and now they can have fun and protect against the mighty Megatron.

Costume Includes: Jumpsuit, chest piece, toy arm weapon and mask.

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