Star Trek Spock Costume for Children

And how would you like to travel in space with a style as Mr. Spock, the Star Fleet First Officer in Star Trek, with a Classic Spock costume? If you are a Star Trek avid follower and a great fan, you can simply cannot do without this costume!

You could very easily acquire a Spock Halloween Costume for your toddler thru online costume superstore where the selection of Spoke costumes for children to adult are huge, the quality is the best and the prices are rock bottom low.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other Spock accessories such as the t-shirts, the pointed ears, the wig, the theme party sets and so on.

With this Spock Costume, your little Spock’s appears that his wisdom far exceeds his years. Sweetly serious or serious sweet, the Little Spock Infant / Toddler Costume consist of a single piece jumpsuit made up of black pants with an attached blue long sleeved sweater that features a screen printed Star Trek emblem and an attached black dickie.

An authentic looking headpiece with Spock sideburns is also included with this adorable Spock outfit. So, beam him up, Scottie! and move on to our next voyage.

Spcok is part human and part Vulcan, and has a motto which says: “Live long and prosper.”

If you are a Star Trek fan, put on a Spock costume for yourself and to your kids, and start your travel to destinations unknown, discovered planets and unchartered galaxies. As Star Trek always says that they travel to the final frontier of the universe.

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  1. Gem says:

    This spock outfit is my very first costume purchase for my kids and I found out that wearing this spock costume is not complicated, easy to wear and simple accessories.

    My son wore this spock costume last halloween at school without a problem. There’s no dangling capes, no hot fabrics or complicated accessories to wear. Even when removing the headpiece and spock ears, he still looked cute and adorable.

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