Ketchup Costume for Kids

This Ketchup Costume will make everything taste better!

Ketchup is the perfect condiment, so there’s no way you can go wrong with this Kids Ketchup Costume! With this kids outfit, you could pair up with the Mustard costume for a condiment-crazy Halloween and a Hot Dog Costume to complete the gang! This simple red bottle and nozzle hat is unmistakable, and a very simple costume for the party!

Again, joining with the Hot Dog costume and you could go as a full-on barbecue theme from the 4th of July to Halloween or everything in between. A great for parades or just a day of play! The Kids Ketchup Costume is one that fits all year long!

This light weight and comfortable 2-piece, over-the-head costume comes with a top cap and ketchup bottle tunic. You can’t enjoy a summer cookout without this delicious must-have condiment!

Check out the Hot Dog Costume and Mustard costumes for kids and have a fun filled group theme this Halloween!

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  1. Carol says:

    Funny but still cute costume. It’s great to have a hotdog and mustard costumes too. LOL

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